About Us


In 2010 we, David and Winnifred, thought we had found our dream project nestled in a corner of the Apennines in Emilia Romagna. Consisting of a 17th Century farmhouse with an early 20th Century stable and red-brick 70's barn attached, the 13 acre site had an ancient henhouse and bread oven along with the wood store with meadows and woods. Sadly within six months of literally moving lock, stock and Marty (the dog) the dream was starting to crumble thanks to our trusting natures, a certain amount of naivety and a couple of unscrupulous individuals who ‘saw us coming’.

We referred to our trials and tribulations in previous blogs and we have chosen to not revisit them because, as we slowly integrated ourselves into the community and learnt more about the area in which we had chosen to make our new lives, we both realised that in spite of everything; we were and are extremely happy.

The changed Ozinitaly site will now concentrate on telling you about our lives in Polinago. The people we have met; the wonderful friendships we have made; the quirks of living in Italy; our many ‘only in Italy’ moments. We hope that this site will make you wish to come and visit us and join us in experiencing a completely different life from the one we had lived over the past 20 – 30 years. Each day we have learned to expect the unexpected, to revel in the amazing beauty and natural richness of this region. We hope we can share the uniqueness of this region with you through words and photos.

Previously Ozinitaly was all about the dream house we hoped to build. Instead we have come to realise that the dream was not about the house, but about the sort of lives we wished to lead. We hope you will enjoy visiting with us to learn more, experience more and enjoy with us, life in the ‘real Italy’.